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Theme: Life After Dark

Closed on : 30th of June, 2015

Competition Closed

Tower Bridge by Chris Dorney

Tower Bridge by Chris Dorney

Light is undoubtedly the single most important element when it comes to photography. Hence the fact that most photographers choose to shoot their subjects in daylight. However, the hidden world of low-light photography that comes to life between dusk and dawn offers photographers an exciting opportunity to capture life after dark. This fascinating genre of photography is often overlooked due to the challenges that arise from shooting after the sun has gone down, but when done right, the creative potential of night-time photography is well worth the effort.

Van Gogh once said, "I often think that the night is more alive and more richly coloured than the day." This can certainly be the case with night-time photography where techniques can be used to make electric shots full of atmosphere, life and colour. Nowhere is this truer than in our towns and cities where colourful lights emanate from vehicles, buildings, streetlights, neon signs and even fireworks. Capturing the urban jungle at night helps to convey the energy, soul and dynamism of street scenes that simply may not be so prominent during the day. The darker, more sinister side of the city also comes out to play giving rise to gritty photos that depict the underbelly of our urban landscape.

However, outside of our towns and cities can be just as interesting after dark as a whole new world erupts, creeping out of the shadows. Nocturnal wildlife awakens and starts to come to life allowing us to capture images that simply aren't possible during daylight hours. Clear skies also offer amazing shots of stars, nebulae, and galaxies illuminating the night sky. Shooting at night allows us to capture images that the human eye simply cannot detect in low-light conditions. It quite literally helps us to see the world in a whole new light.

With this theme we are looking for images that explore the hidden secrets of Life After Dark.


A 12" x 8" Freestanding Acrylic Block with your winning photographic print seamlessly mounted to the back giving a striking modern alternative to the traditional desktop frame. The block will be laser cut and diamond polished to give you the very best optically clear block. The reverse of the block is finished with a black velvet covering and will be delivered in a presentation box.

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Competition Judge:


Simon first took up photography whilst at college, principally with the aim of capturing motor racing action, which was his principal interest at that time. However, after graduating and returning to Dumfries, he joined the local camera club in 1983 and photography became his passion.

He was invited to join the committee of Dumfries Camera Club in 1986 and has remained an active member ever since, having been President of the club on two occasions and Secretary for more years than he cares to remember. He has also spent time on the Executive of the Scottish Photographic Federation.

After encouragement by fellow club members, he entered his first international exhibition in 1986 and received a FIAP ribbon for one of his images. He became an avid entrant to competitions of all types, achieving an AFIAP in 1992 and an EFIAP several years later. Following a submission to the very first PAGB awards adjudication in 1994, he was awarded a DPAGB, with his MPAGB following in 1999.

He enjoys photography of all genres but has probably been most successful with landscape, creative and portrait images. He has also greatly appreciated the opportunity that his hobby has provided him with to meet people with a similar interest, partly through lecturing at clubs and societies throughout the country. Being given the opportunity to appreciate and comment on fellow photographers work has always struck him as a great honour, and something that he has greatly enjoyed being involved in at club, national and international levels for over twenty years.

Long may his passion continue.

Competition Judge - Simon Allen MPAGB EFIAP

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