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An Unseen World

The familiar is a vision to behold, but what about the things that have become so familiar they are invisible to the eye. This theme explores images we fail to see that form the backdrop to society: the birds flying from tree to tree, people carrying out jobs which we take for granted, the destitute … Read More


The environment is certainly undergoing change as proven by recent images from NASA portraying the melting of the Greenland ice shelf and the massive building projects taking place in China.
In many ways we are changing how we interact with our environment; the speed, direction and magnitude of the change has become a concern of … Read More

The Journey

Small journeys make up the very fabric of life. As we pace through this journey we experience not only people and places but emotions and memories.
We asked you to capture a phase of your life journey that was important for you. The image should show why this stage in the journey was significant.

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Movement, continuity, natural or man-made, rural or urban, we are looking for images that define ‘Flow’ in the most obscure and creative fashion we wish to see it.
Send us your photographs which capture the idea of ‘flow’.

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What can be read into a face, maybe the secrets that lie beneath the skin.

We are looking for portraits of the interesting, the wary, the young and the old.

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We are looking for images that define ‘Contrast’ in the most obscure and creative fashion.
Black and white, highs and lows, lush populated landscapes next to dry deserted trees send us your photographs that show contrast in all its forms. As with all this year’s themes we are asking you to look at the environment … Read More

Not As it Seems

Optical illusions are fun to create in photography. Colour, light and patterns can be used to create images that can be deceptive or misleading to our brains. The information that is gathered by our eyes is processed by the brain, but often what we perceive is not necessarily the true image. Images that differ from … Read More


The hectic pace of modern life in the 21st Century, with its endless demands at work and home, can make it seem like we are always on the go with no opportunity to take time out to appreciate life. As fashion designer Tom Ford once said, “Time and silence are the most luxurious things today”. … Read More

New Beginnings

‘Every new year marks a place in time a stake in the sand, a period to reflect and change what is bad and create what is good. Our lives demand a resolution for change, but in order to change we must have something to reflect upon’.We asked to see the bad turn good, the black … Read More

Unusual Everyday

Can you find a new perspective on an everyday sight? Have you photographed anyone doing something everyday in an extraordinary or unusual way?

We challenge you to find the unusual in what might seem everyday situations. If you need inspiration why not consider submitting everyday objects or places taken from unusual angles or perspectives. Maybe you … Read More