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Theme: Caught in the Moment

Closed on : 31st of August, 2014

Competition Closed

Caught in the moment

The very essence of modern photography is that it gives the opportunity to capture forever, a moment which is fleeting, blink and you miss it.

"The Decisive Moment" was a term coined by the pioneer of street photography, Henri Cartier-Bresson. Cartier-Bresson believed that "The Decisive Moment" was that split second of genius and inspiration that a photographer had to capture a certain moment.

Whether it be a moment caught when the landscape provides a "wow" response, like the sun appearing through clouds, casting it's beams across the skies; or maybe something in nature happens in front of our eyes and we feel privileged to have been witness to it, such as babies being born; or whether it is that moment between people, their faces showing the multitude of emotions that they are unable to speak.

These are just a few of the many ways in which this theme may be interpreted and we look forward to receiving your entries with your own interpretations.

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Competition Judge:

Naomi Saul

For almost as long as I can remember I have enjoyed taking photographs, in the early days using a Kodak Instamatic camera, as a “happy snapper” recording precious moments on holidays or with family.

Once I started work my interest in photography grew and having saved hard, eventually managed to purchase my first SLR camera – an Olympus OM2 with interchangeable lenses. Loving to be out and about in the “Great Outdoors” and reacting to the play of light on a wonderful landscape – particularly enjoying early mornings and late evenings - also developing a keen interest in the wildlife that inhabited our countryside.

It was not until I met my late husband Eric, in 1986 that I was privileged to discover the world of amateur Club photography – avidly seeking to improve our own photography skills by listening to the many experts that willingly travelled to our Local Club. We were fellow Managers at work, but it was photography that brought us together and became a driving factor in our lives. We soon moved to producing our own prints in the darkroom (a challenge to say the least with Cibachrome and its awful chemicals) and were very ready to move on in 1995 to the much more pleasurable conditions of the “Light room”. Computers brought with them an even steeper learning curve with very few tutors and even less tutorials. The learning curve never stops but at least there is much more help along the way now. Even though it was only possible at that time to print to A4 size the process was much more consistant and - wonder of wonders - we could produce as many prints of an image as we wished – all identical!. The thrill of seeing a finished image was still there – admittedly not emerging from a chemical dish – but still as real for us from the printer. We were proud to both gain our Associateship of the RPS in 1996.

Purchasing our first Digital Cameras in 2002 our photographic interests expanded to all genres over the years, all of which I enjoy still, but my real passion remains in the Great outdoors – particularly reacting to extremes of weather and quality of light. – trying to ensure that my pictures convey the emotion created by the scene to those who view my images. Although I am very happy to use digital manipulation (except for Natural History subjects) – my best pictures are always those achieved “in camera” using creative techniques at source.

I was very proud to achieve my Distinction of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (DPAGB) in 1998, EFIAP in 2007 and more recently Associateship of the Society of International Nature and Wildlife photographers (ASINWP).

Having learnt so much from the Camera Club world, I wanted to pass on some of the knowledge I had learned (and am still learning all the time) to others and was invited to join the East Anglian Federation of Photographic Societies (EAF) judges’ panel in 2006 . I try to assess what “drove” the photographer to take the picture and always enjoy seeing the work of others. So now I travel extensively throughout East Anglia and surrounding areas, judging Club, inter-Club Competitions and exhibitions. I have been a Member of the EAF Committee for 17 years and have held several positions on that Committee, including President and am currently Treasurer and exhibition Secretary. Yes – amateur photography and it’s associated administration are massively important parts of my life.

Competition Judge - Naomi Saul

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