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Theme: Repetition

Closes on : 30th of April, 2017

Competition Open!

When we think of repetition, it normally evokes associations of tedious, uninteresting, and monotonous activities. However, when it comes to photography, using repetition can enable us to capture a powerful image that has real impact.

Francisco Willian Saldanha, Teatro Nacional Brasilia

Francisco Willian Saldanha, Teatro Nacional Brasilia

Visual patterns can create rhythm, harmony and cohesion, which can provide a sense of comfort for the viewer. By repeating elements over and over many times, it creates patterns which can strengthen the image. Zooming in on a pattern so that it fills the frame, for example, can really enhance the sense of repetition and can give the impression that the pattern is far bigger than it actually is.

However, if an image shows pure repetition, it stands the chance of overwhelming the viewer as there is no real focal point in the image. A great way of counteracting this is to break the repetition by including a contrasting object, a different colour, a distinctive texture or a specific shape. This deliberate use of opposition will draw the attention of the viewer and gives dramatic impact to the shot.

We are looking for your attempts at creating strong images using repetition. Be as creative as you can with your composition to create the biggest impact. Good luck!


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Competition Judge:

Ata Mohammad Adnan

Ata Mohammad Adnan, a doctor by profession and a photographer out of passion, was born to doctor parents in 1989 and finally picked up a camera during his third year in medical school.
Adnan is essentially a people photographer and intends to tell their stories through his photographs. Photography to him is an extension of his lifestyle and his camera, a part of his body. Photography has helped him get closer to people, often breaking boundaries of socio-economic borders.
His photographs have been published in various platforms like BBC, CNN, Huffington Post, Guardian and a host of local newspapers.
He has exhibited his photographs at ten different countries of the world and has also won a number of national and international photography awards, including the prestigious Sony World Photo Awards 2015. He is currently one of Sony Alpha's global ambassadors.
Adnan is currently pursuing his Masters in Diabetes at the University of Leicester, UK(Octí2016-Sept2017)

Competition Judge - Ata Mohammad Adnan

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