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The photographic angle promotes education of the public in the art and science of photography by staging exhibitions and by working with professional, student and amateur photographers

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Testimonials from Between Here and There

Between Here and There - Manchester
23rd Feb 2017, St James House, Charlotte Street, M1 4DZ

  • "Good space with natural light and a good amount of room between the images. Perhaps some text to accompany the images would be great for the context of the images. Many thanks!"
    C Corlett

  • "We really enjoyed the variety of images shown. A fabulous setting, so good to see photographs of this size and quality in the city. Thank you."
    Visitors to Manchester

  • "Interesting and technically competent photographs very well displayed. Impressive scale. Great use of empty office space."
    Mr Hyatt

  • "Excellent exhibition with a splendid range of photographs, displayed to great effect! Great to welcome back The Photographic Angle to Manchester City Centre! Rodney was very friendly, welcoming and enthusiastic - a first class attendant with splendid customer service skills!"
    S Horrocks

  • "An excellent exhibition - great to see the large format photos. Lovely to see the venue being so well used. A real treasure to discover (Photographic Angle) - I look forward to seeing more of their exhibitions here in Manchester."
    Pam and David Burrow

  • "Some excellent images. Plenty of space between images. Good diversity of images. Good to see you back in Manchester."
    Mike Hesp

  • "I enjoyed the variety of photos on display. The photography tips and quotes on each floor are helpful and provide a different perspective."
    Elinor Yates

Between Here and There - Bracknell
12th Nov 2016, Block B, 2 Bracknell Boulevard, Cain Road, Binfield, RG12 1LF

  • "Thoroughly enjoyed this new experience."
    Alex Hills

  • "A very enjoyable evening - I really enjoyed viewing the work of Sylvia Adams & Andrew Omu. They have inspired me to work differently at my approach to photography."
    Catherine Collery

  • "A great source of inspiration"
    A visitor from Woking & Bracknell College

Between Here and There - London
5th Nov 2016, 1 Bow Churchyard, London, EC4M 9DQ

  • "great variety of photos, well laid out. Great additional information - tips for photography."
    A visitor from London

  • "The subject of Between Here and There is difficult to interpret."
    George Starck

  • "Some very interesting shots, would have been good to see some descriptions and history of the actual photographer though. Otherwise very good."
    Matthew Lyngs

  • "Wonderful to fill derelict space with art/photographs - some great juxtapositions!"
    Mike Bateson

  • "Interesting variety, lots of space created, better focus on each photographer!"
    Rowan MacDonald

Between Here and There - Camberley
29th Oct 2016, Building B, Watchmoor Park, Camberley, GU15 3YL

  • "Very good - but would have been better if there were a greater number of exhibitors."
    David Torbett

  • "Impressive size and quality of pictures."
    M Watson

  • "Great exhibition!"
    Geoff Young

  • "First time I have seen a photographic exhibition and I greatly enjoyed it."
    Jane Sleap

Between Here and There - Newcastle
22nd Oct 2016, Q4, Quorum Business Park, Benton Lane, NE12 8EZ

  • "Enjoyed the images."
    Glyn Trueman

  • "The quality of the pictures was high and they covered a wide variety of subjects - very interesting. I am disappointed that so few people appear to visit - suggests publicity needs looking into."
    Malcolm Burns

Between Here and There - Uxbridge
23rd Apr 2016, 3 Roundwood Avenue, Stockley Park, Uxbridge, UB11 1AY

  • "As usual a very good exhibition with very thoughtful pictures and interesting styles."
    David Jones

  • "Some great pictures. Love the black and white ones. The pictures by David Thomas Smith are great, very clever way of using a photo. Well done."
    Pat Jones

  • "Some very interesting pieces of work."
    Peter Morrish

Between Here and There - Bracknell
14th May 2016, Greenwood House, London Road, RG12 2UB

  • "Interesting for students of photography to see other people's work and be able to critique. It allows us to learn what comes across well and what doesn't."
    A visitor to Bracknell

  • "It was amazing, very educational too. Great pictures!"
    Richa Anand

  • "Really enjoyed looking at other photographers' work - i found it interesting, thought-provoking and educational."
    Richard Gundry

  • "I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibition. I found the photographs very interesting."
    Julie Cooper

Between Here and There - Exeter
21st May 2016, Clyst House, Winslade Park, Clyst St Mary, EX5 1DS

  • "Landscapes very interesting. Environmental photographs also interesting."
    Mrs Gebauer

  • "Enjoyed this one very much, especially Sylvia Adams & Derek Dewey-Leader. Thought David Thomas Smith's were very clever and true reflections."
    Pamela Stirling

Between Here and There - Maidenhead
7th May 2016, Bray House, Westcott Way, SL6 3QH

  • "The variety of pictures was very interesting and i enjoy coming to these exhibitions. I will endeavour to publicise to my camera club."
    Christine Lamb

  • "Stretched my view regarding concept between conventional and abstract. Edited and clean pictures. Keep doing this and I will keep coming."
    Adrian Lovell

Between Here and There - Weybridge
16th May 2015, No. 1 The Heights, Brooklands Road, Weybridge, KT13 0XP

  • "Very good idea to show blow ups on banners. Most impacting were the words from Photographic Angle - hope they are on your website."
    Tony Rowden

  • "Interesting range of photographs, especially like those by David Thomas Smith."
    Linda Dash

  • "Some interesting and inspiring photos."
    Graham Dash

Between Here and There - Southend On Sea
9th May 2015, Unit A (former Comet Store) Fossetts Farm Retail Park, Fossetts Way, Southend on Sea, SS2 4DQ

  • "Although I don't like all the images they all give food for thought. These exhibitions give inspiration to photographers to go out and try to improve."
    Terry Taber

  • "Liked Sylvia Adams."
    Mrs Lake

  • "Would definitely come again and even think of submitting myself."
    Ameta Patel

  • "Always enjoy the opportunity to view photos in this way. Love the peace and 'haunting' feeling in the venue."
    A subscriber from Southend

  • "Enjoyed the subject matter & variety of pictures."
    A subscriber from Southend

Between Here and There - Ascot
2nd May 2015, Kingswood, Kings Ride, SL5 8AD

  • "Another good exhibition. Varied and thought provoking works."
    David Rogers

Between Here and There - Maidenhead
25th Apr 2015, Clarion House, Norreys Drive, SL64BY

  • "Good range of subjects, though limited exhibitors. As always quite inspirational and well presented."
    Dick Van Brummen

Between Here and There - Manchester
18th Apr 2015, Number One, First Street, Manchester, M15 4FN

  • "Interesting pictures, not as many as usual compared with previous 'Photographic Angle' exhibitions. Impressed with the high definition large prints, compared with previous occasions. The accompanying booklet of photos is a very good idea."
    Rob Gillet

  • "Great idea to use empty office spaces for exhibitions. enjoyed this one a lot."
    Maria Walker

  • "Informative, inventive, interesting. Well staged in a good setting."
    Alan Nuttall

  • "Would have liked a bit more info about dates taken, subject, location. Fascinating 'kaleidoscope' effect photos - am going to try it myself!"
    Jon Cartmel

  • "Great exhibition & space; stunning shots, some more powerful than others. Great theme & well chosen shots, well presented."
    Mark Prime

  • "I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibition with it's diverse and fascinating images of individuals, family groups and beautiful landscapes all encompassing individual interpretation of the environment!"
    Feedback from a subscriber

Between Here and There - Leeds
11th Apr 2015, 1 East Parade, LS12AJ

  • "Interesting subjects and variety. Would appreciate knowing more about both subject and photographer."
    Someone who saw advertising outside

  • "Good venue, lots of space, well presented. Liked the Google themed pattern photos."
    Someone who is a subscriber to TPA

  • "Mixed - particularly liked the 'people' photographs. Not keen on the picture abstracts, thought they looked confusing. Would be better as a single shot, instead of mirroring the images."
    Damian Persich

Between Here and There - London
18th Sep 2013, 43-59 Clapham Road, SW9 0JD

  • "Some interesting photos. Some additional notes on where and when the pictures were taken would have been great. Loved advice for amateur photographers"
    A Schroeder

  • "This is a first class medium for photographers to demonstrate their images"
    James Fell

  • "Fantastic use of space. Great photos"
    Nathan Griggs

  • "Thought provoking. Very enjoyable"
    John Mitchell

  • "It was very personal. It was inviting. Good having stands with writing about photography. Setting helpful because you focus on the photos and where you are"
    Colette Thomas

  • "Really nice! Especially the text boards"
    Kate Whitley

  • "It was a lovely moment. We enjoyed a peaceful photography exhibition"
    Cynthia Cruz

Between Here and There - Bristol
21st Aug 2013, Castlemead, Lower Castle Street, BS1 3AH

  • "Amazing images. Kudos to The Photographic Angle and the kids"
    - Cariem Bitsios

Between Here and There - Peterborough
5th Jun 2013, Lynchwood House, Peterborough Business Park, Lynchwood, PE2 6GG

  • "Very interesting. I especially liked Sylvia’s photos."
    Nicole Laird

  • "A very interesting and thought-provoking assortment of photos."
    Stephanie Perkins

  • "Wonderful display in an amazing setting. Very good indeed."
    C White

Between Here and There - Leeds
8th May 2013, 1 East Parade, LS1 2AJ

  • "Good venue. Interesting selection of images – some truly excellent and inspiring."
    Richard Mills

  • "The exhibition was amazing, truly beautiful! It was plenty big enough, the prints were great quality and the subjects really varied. Deserves more attention."
    Lizzie Mann

  • "Very thought provoking. Good use of light, colour and balance. Like the subject matter, especially landscapes"
    Michael Soloman

Between Here and There - London
27th Feb 2013, 12-13 Bruton Street, W1J 6QA

  • "I thought it was such a creative, clever way to portray photographs. Sylvia Adams and ‘One Brake Horse Power’ was one of my favourites"
    Georgia Carter

  • "A great use of unused space"
    Matthew Cox

Between Here and There - London
23rd Jan 2013, Hamlyn House & Hill House, 21 Highgate Hill, N19 5LP

  • "Wonderful work. Would definitely come back again"
    Mark Schamely

  • "Great to see opportunity for photographers to display their work"
    Christopher Tew

  • "Interesting work. Good to see the vacant office floors being visited in this way. Look forward to seeing more"
    Craig Desjardins

  • "Building scary but view is amazing. Photography is beautiful and creative"
    Robert Poposki

  • "Good idea to use empty spaces for art"
    Justine Entz

Between Here and There - Bristol
20th Jun 2012, TJ Hughes & Big W, Abbey Wood Retail Park, Filton, BS34 7JW

  • "Enjoyed the exhibition. It was a nice surprise whilst out on a boring shopping trip."
    Mary-Kate Harvey

  • "Very interesting. Impressed with Sylvia Adams exhibits"
    Nigel Harvey

Between Here and There - Chester
6th Jun 2012, Hamilton House, Hamilton Place, CH1 2BH

  • "I loved the building and thought the layout and size of images worked great. Some lovely work and some that generated quite heated debates"
    Caroline Ellis

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