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The photographic angle promotes education of the public in the art and science of photography by staging exhibitions and by working with professional, student and amateur photographers

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THE BASICS - Film Speed (ISO)

The ISO setting on your camera refers to the film or sensor's sensitivity to light. You can change the settings on your camera to make the film or sensor very sensitive to light through to not very sensitive to light. The lower the ISO number you select, the less sensitive to light it will be. PART 01 Setting the Film Speed When using film photography,……

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Posted by Bryony on: 17th Feb 2012

THE BASICS - Aperture And Shutter Speed

When you use your camera on automatic, it makes a lot of decisions for you about the amount of available light, and how to best capture the scene in front of your lens. But what are these calculations that the camera is making? And what happens if we start making those decisions…what is the creative potential of us taking control? This article……

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Posted by Bryony on: 9th Feb 2012


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The Photographic Angle (TPA) is a company limited by guarantee, registered with Companies House in London (number 07063537) and is a charity registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales (number 1135750). TPA advances education for the public benefit, in particular in the art and science of photography and its theory and practice, partly by holding exhibitions of photography freely accessible to the public. .

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