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Theme: Patchwork

Closed on : 30th of June, 2016

Competition Closed


For our May/June Competition we invite you to think creatively about PATCHWORK.

As a concept, Patchwork is traditionally the tessellation of geometric shapes which can be interpreted in many different forms, structures, textures and colours all working together to create an original, intricate piece of artwork, which has a practical use.

Patchwork sewing is a practical pastime which was around, even as far back as 5000 years ago in China and evidence of its use was also discovered in Egyptian tombs. However, it really became popular after the Great Depression in America, when people began upcycling worn out garments by piecing the best parts together to make warm quilts. The huge popularity of these colourful, sometimes sentimental stories in quilt form, even today, may indicate how we, as humans, appreciate beauty in pattern form.

Patchwork can be seen every day in the world around, whether it be famers' fields, a plate of food, mosaics, stained glass windows, the streets, a tattoo or a hair style to mention a few ideas.

This theme allows you the opportunity to capture something common, that when viewed in detail, or from a particular angle, a patchwork pattern may become visible. As usual, the judge will be looking for the more creative and original interpretations of this theme, so take time to consider an alternative approach to how Patchwork might be seen and what narrative it begins to unravel.

We look forward to seeing your entries!


Tatevik Vardanyan, Star Pattern.


A Year in Focus 2015, published by Getty Images

From the migrant crisis in Europe to race riots in the United States, 2015 has been a turbulent year. Our editorial teams have been at the centre of the news stories as they develop, and behind the scenes at more jubilant entertainment and sports events, such as the Oscars, Paris Fashion Week, and the Rugby World Cup. This year we also remember some major anniversaries, including the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Martin Luther King, Jr. addressing the civil rights march in Montgomery, Alabama.

Once again, Year in Focus highlights our talented photographers' and editors' finest work.

Some of our recent submissions...

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Competition Judge:

Phil Charnock MFIAPs, FRPSs

Phil has been involved in photography for over 35 years at amateur and professional level. During this time winning many awards in photographic salons on the way to being awarded MFIAP (Master International Federation of Photographic art) and FRPS (Fellow of Royal Photographic Society).

He has judged many International and National Salons and appreciates all subjects and styles of photography from traditional to creative. He has run a professional Commercial photography business for 30 years, now specializing in Travel Photography. In 1988 he helped form Wigan 10 Foto Club which went on to win the FIAP World Cup.

He has sat on various awards Panels such as RPS and is currently on the PAGB Panel.

Competition Judge - Phil Charnock MFIAPs, FRPSs

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